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Relax! I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist.

About the Practitioner

Nancy Dake, adventurer and explorer from San Diego, California grew up in the surf, the sun and the sand.  Upon leaving the nest, she gravitated to the call of the wild, to pursue nature, health and the great outdoors in Central Oregon.  Rivers replaced waves and the sagebrush spread where there used to be pavement.  Roots in the city but heart and soul in wide-open spaces, I have made my home here in Eastern Oregon and have remained healthy, active and strong.  I have benefited from integrating massage into my wellness regime.  I couldn't satisfy my passion for bodywork by receiving it, so I earned a license to explore the body.  I now give to receive.

I never underestimate how special an individual is.  If your body is a temple then your central nervous system is the secret passageway.  Touch connects the whole body, mind and spirit.  Touch  is capable of energetic lifting, or settlling and calming.  Massage assists recovery from injury and emotional turmoil, as well as preparing the muscles for the rigors of a workout.  Massage is full spectrum.  For me, in my practice, it essential to listen to each body with clear intent to provide a safe, positive and nurturing session.

Everything offered is good for you, your body and especially your spirit.  

Zero calories, energy boosting and therapeutic.  Receive it or Give it as a Gift.

Nourish your body, nourish your skin and you will feel the difference.  Hydrate, circulate, exfoliate, dry brush and pump the tissues into submission.  Massage will stimulate and repair from the outside in, while you relearn how to relax.  Your brain will release endorphins as massage increases sensory and body awareness.

Sink into rest and relaxation.  This is the precise state that healing takes place.  Escape for as little as an hour and reap the rewards.

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