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Relax! I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist.


Welcome!  Thank You very much for visiting my site.  What a great start.  Whether you are a "Massage Junkie" or unsure how to approach a full-body massage on the table, I am here for you.

You are made to feel like the world revolves around you.  Expect more!

Massage is an age-old manual therapy.  That has not changed.  The muscle system responds to relaxing touch.  Or it is stimulated by stretching and flexing.  All the while, your nerves are responding to a blood rush by releasing endorphins.  You can feel the calming rhythm.  

Treatment goals vary by the individual. Everything offered on the menu is good for you, good for your body and especially for your spirit.  Light touch addresses the nerves, deep tissue can reach muscle aches, trigger point therapy releases painful tightness, and in general, massage directly affects cellular activities, such as improving circulation, blood, oxygen and lymph flow.  Breathe deep and let it go...  

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